Thursday, July 29, 2010



Alhamdulillah till today Allah has given me this life, to face all the tests of life that I have gone through with lots of doa's and tears too. I'm happy and Alhamdulillah. I' m surrounded by many loves among them are my loving hubby aka as the King in my Kingdom of My Heart, my Prince and Princesses.

Dear habiby Zkhan, tq for the Love you showered me in my life with you. May all the doa's and tears I shed bcoz of you, will lead me to heaven.I will always remember that I m your only LOML - Light of MY Life (means I m the light of your life that showered you with all the love I have and gave the NUR to your life together with me and with all the babies I had from you) Ameen.

Thank you Allah for my 39 years living in this life and 23 rd years wedding anniversary with my Love hubby Zk. Thank You ALLAH, for the ten beautiful childrens you granted me as the Fruits of Our Love and the Jewels of My Heart.


Not 2 4get i have few other loving people with me in my life, my parents, mum in-law, my one and only dear sister and some one very special in darling's life(MIA a.k.a HA) . Tq so much 4 being very loving, caring , supportive, understanding and being good listeners and advisors in part of my short life.
You all are very precious to me. May Allah grant His Love, Guidance, and heaven for all my love here. Ameen.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.