Thursday, October 13, 2011


Love her …when she sips on your coffee or tea. She only wants to make sure it tastes just right for you.

Love her…when she "pushes" you to pray. She wants to be with you in Jannah (Paradise).

Love her…when she asks you to play with the kids. She did not "make" them on her own.
Love her...when she is jealous. Out of all the men she can have, she chose you

Love her…when she has annoying little habits that drives you nuts. You have them too.

Love her…when her cooking is bad. She tries.

Love her…when she looks dishevelled in the morning. She always grooms herself up again.

Love her…when she asks to help with the kids homework. She only wants you to be part of the home.

Love her...when she asks if she looks fat. Your opinion counts, so tell her she's beautiful.

Love her…when she looks beautiful. She's yours so appreciate her.

Love her...when she spends hours to get ready. She only wants to look her best for you.

Love her…when she buys you gifts you don't like. Smile and tell her it's what you've always wanted.

Love her…when she has developed a bad habit. You have many more and with wisdom and politeness you have all the time to help her change.

Love her…when she cries for absolutely nothing. Don't ask, tell her its going to be okay

Love her…when she suffers from PMS. Buy chocolate, rub her feet and back and just chat to her (trust me this works!)

Love her…when whatever you do is not pleasing. It happens and will pass

Love her…when she stains your clothes. You needed a new thobe (kurta) anyway

Love her…when she tells you how to drive. She only wants you to be safe.

Love her…when she argues. She only wants to make things right for both

Love her…she is yours. You don't need any other special reason!!!!

All this forms part of a Woman's Character. Women are part of your life and should be treated as the Queen.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) advised concerning the woman:

· Treat the women well.

· The best of you are those who are the best in the treatment of their wives.

· No one honours the woman except an honorable man. And no one humiliates her or holds her in contempt except one who is evil, vile, wicked and depraved.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Signs of Weak Faith & How to Increase Our Faith.


*Committing sins and not feeling any guilt *Having a hard heart and no desire to read the Qur’an. *Feeling too lazy to do good deeds, e.g. being late for prayer. *... Neglecting the Sunnah and following Bidath. *Having mood swings, for instance being upset about petty things and bothered and irritated most of the time. *Not feeling anything when hearing verses from the Qur’an, 
for example when Allah warns us of punishments and His promise of glad tidings. *Finding difficulty in remembering Allah. *Not feeling bad when unlawful things are done. *Desiring status and wealth regardless of the means. *Being mean and miserly, i.e. not wanting to part with wealth. *Ordering others to do good deeds when not practicing them ourselves. *Feeling pleased when things are not progressing for others. *Being concerned with worldly things forgetting about the hereafter. *Making fun of people who do simple good deeds,like cleaning the mosque. *Not feeling concerned the responsibility to do something to promote Islam. *Tendency to argue just for the sake of arguing without any proof. *Becoming engrossed and very involved with worldly things, i.e. feeling bad only when losing something in terms of material wealth. *Becoming engrossed and obsessive about ones own self.
 OKAY, HOW TO INCREASE OUR FAITH THEN? •Recite and ponder on the meanings of the Qur’an. •Realize the greatness of Allah. Everything is under His control. There are signs in everything we see that points us to His greatness. Everything happens with His permission. •Make an effort to gain deep knowledge of religion. •Attend gatherings where Allah is remembered. In such gatherings we are surrounded by Angels. •We have to increase our good deeds. One good deed leads to another. •We must fear the miserable end of our lives. •Remember when we are put in our graves, when we are judged, whether we will be in paradise or hell. •Realize that we need Allah. Be humble. Don’t covet material things in this life. •Our love for Allah must be shown in actions. •Realize the effects of sins and disobedience.